The Park Smiles Experience

The Park Smiles Experience at your Winter Park Dentist

The Park Smiles Experience is something you are going to be telling your family and friends about. They might think you are crazy for going on and on about how much you enjoyed your last dental visit. “I didn’t think that you could enjoy going to the dentist!”

Well, now you can.

What makes an experience in our office different is that we are daring to ask, “What if?”

What if you could love coming to the dentist?

What if your friends couldn’t believe you were actually raving about a dental office?

Does that sound unrealistic? Why?

What if it didn’t look, feel, or smell like a dental office?

What if you couldn’t hear the drill or feel the shot?

What if you got to listen to music or catch up on your favorite TV show while you are in our chair?

What if we took the time to get to know you and your story before even talking about your teeth?

What if going to the dentist could be as relaxing as a walk in the park?

These are big picture questions we are asking, which will come to life through a number of little details and the intentional nature of our staff. We are implementing new practices, techniques, and experiences to provide better dentistry in a way that is actually enjoyable.

When I first told people we wanted dental visits to be as easy as a walk in the park, they laughed. I love a challenge, so that has not stopped us. We believe a regular dental check-up should be something you look forward to instead of dreading. Our name, Park Smiles Dentistry, embodies this goal of creating a positive and happy dental experience.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our 5-Star Google Reviews. Or give us a call or text and create your own Park Smiles Experience today.