Dark Chocolate May Actually Be Good For Your Teeth

Let’s be honest, if you’re a chocolate lover like so many of us, it’s easy to drag your feet when it’s time for your cleanings with our Winter Park dentist. Having your family dentist tell you that you need to cut back on chocolate probably isn’t what you want to hear. But if you’re a dark chocolate lover, we have some good news for you! We know that sugar only isn’t the culprit in producing dental cavities, and a common ingredient in dark chocolate can actually cut back the growth of dental plaque. In fact, a certain ingredient in dark chocolate might actually be GOOD for your teeth!

So how does a cavity develop? Bacteria on the tooth’s surface, known as plaque or biofilm, break down starch and metabolize sugars which form acid. This acid starts to demineralize the surface of a tooth. So this means that cavities form because the bacteria that live in your mouth break down the sugar that you eat and turn it into acid. The acid then makes a hole in your tooth. So, sugar is bad for your teeth only because of the bacteria.

Now what makes dark chocolate different than any other type of chocolate? Dark chocolate contains a higher proportion of cocoa solids than milk chocolate. Because of this, dark chocolate is better equipped to reserve more of the nutritional value found in cocoa. Research has shown that tannin, which is found in cocoa, may help in cutting down the growth of plaque. This is because there is oxalic acid in cocoa which aids in lowering acid production!

Maybe this gives a tiny peace of mind when you’re snacking on your favorite dark chocolate. We’re not too sure how to help with those extra pounds chocolate likes to sneak up on you, but at least we got your teeth covered! But also keep in mind that moderation is key!

Good oral hygiene is always important, not only in maintaining your beautiful smile but for your overall well-being and health. So continue brushing your teeth and like always… “Floss Like a Boss.” ☺

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About Dr. Drew Byrnes: He is a family and cosmetic dentist in Winter Park, FL. Dr. Byrnes is a member of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, the Dental Society of Greater Orlando and the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce. He always exceeds the required amount of continuing education courses for dentists because he believes in lifelong education. He stays up to date on all of the latest technology and techniques that dentistry has to offer. He is also certified in Invisalign and nitrous oxide administration.

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