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Not all crowns are created equal. When not done properly, crowns can fall off, break, cause pain, or get cavities under them more easily. The quality of a crown depends largely on two things. The first is how careful the dentist is when preparing the tooth for a crown. This process involves drilling on the tooth and generally speaking, the less drilling, the better. The second is what material the crown itself is made out of and where it is made. Unfortunately, due to financial pressures, many dental offices these days make compromises when selecting a lab to make their crowns. The labs which do the best work naturally charge more for their work. It is becoming more common to have crowns made in China because it costs much less. However, when it comes to dental work, you get what you pay for. A cheaply made crown is more likely to not fit well and have to be replaced in the future. At Park Smiles Dentistry, we only use the best quality materials from high quality, local labs. We are extremely conservative in the amount of drilling that we do and only drill as much as is absolutely necessary. Our crowns are incredibly strong and they match the shade and shape of your teeth. All too often, we see patients come to our practice with crowns put in somewhere else which do not fit and are causing problems. You can rest assured that in our practice, we are not going to cement a crown on to your tooth unless it is perfect. It is rare for a new crown to not fit on the first try but when that does happen, we are going to have it remade at no extra cost to you until it fits perfect. We stand behind our work and treat people the way that we would want to be treated. If you would like to know more about getting crowns done in our practice… CTA

Dental Crown FAQ's

How long should a Dental crown last?

This question depends on a lot of factors. How strong is the tooth underneath the crown? What materials was the crown made out of? How good are you at keeping your mouth free from cavities? It is rare for a crown to need to be replaced or at least it should be. When it does happen, it is usually because the tooth itself (not the crown) got a cavity underneath it or broke.

Do I really need a dental crown?

When to fix a tooth with a crown vs possibly fixing it with a another method is an issue that many dentists even disagree on. There isn’t always a right or wrong. In our practice, we like to take a look at the big picture and walk you through the pros and cons of fixing a tooth with a crown or using other options. We tend to be more conservative and only recommend a crown as a last resort. Ultimately, the choice is yours but we are always going to recommend the most affordable, conservative option which we would want for ourselves or our family members. If you have been told that you need one more multiple crowns, we would be happy to bring you into our office for a free second opinion. Just give us a call and let us know a time that works for you.

Will the Dental crown be white? Will It have a black line?

In our practice, we only use metal free, white crowns. If there is ever an occasion where a metal crown might last longer than white, we are going to talk to you about it and give you the option. It used to the the case that metal crowns were the preferred option but with recent advancements in material choices, we now have incredibly strong white crown materials which will not have a black margin along the gum line like the old porcelain and metal crowns did.

Will you need to put that "goop" in my mouth?

At Park Smiles, our goal is to make dentistry as easy as possible. That means no goop. This is a huge win for our patients, especially those with a gag reflex. For most cases, we are able to take digital impressions. This means that we use a little wand which takes photos of your teeth to create a 3D, color model of your mouth. This gives us a higher quality impression, resulting in better dental work for our patients.

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