Teeth whitening is the cosmetic procedure that we get asked about most often. We have priced most of our whitening options relatively affordably because our feeling is that if you want white teeth, we want you to have white teeth. We have found that patients who go through the processes of whitening their teeth typically take better care of them going forward. That is a change that we would like to see for all of our patients.

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We have several options to whiten teeth in our practice ranging from take home whitening trays to in office teeth bleaching sessions. For people with heavily stained teeth, like tetracycline stain, or for those who are just looking for the best, we even cary a proprietary whitening brand called KOR whitening.

But what if I have sensitive teeth? As many people with sensitive teeth already know, most whitening options make their teeth even more sensitive. We have a special option in our practice for people with sensitive teeth. It uses a special gel and procedure which has been designed specifically for people who experience sensitivity.

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