Your feedback is important to us! We are always looking for ways to improve our care for our patients. Dr. Byrnes and his staff strongly stand behind the quality of care we provide to our patients and we hope that when you come in, you experience this care. Take a moment to read what our patients have to say about us and how our office has helped them receive the dental care they were looking for.

I felt at home right away.

I just came over from a big dentist office where I couldn't name a single dentist (and they probably didn't know my name either). Dr. Byrnes was extremely professional and showed me personal attention. I felt at home right away.

Jay B.

I am looking forward to future visits.

My experience at his office was exemplary. The staff was not only friendly, but very thorough. As a new patient I really appreciated it and felt right at home. I was nervous when I got there but not when I left. He took the time to answer all of my questions in detail and I value that a lot. I am looking forward to future visits and bringing my family here too. Thanks Dr. Drew!

Georgina P.

We had the best experience at Dr. Byrnes office.

When my daughter first went to the dentist at another dental office, she was so scared. She had to be held down for her cleaning while she screamed and cried the whole time. After that I was apprehensive about taking her to another dentist but after talking to Dr. Byrnes, I was assured his staff would work with her fears. We had the best experience at Dr. Byrnes office. The staff was amazing and worked with my daughter to make her as comfortable as possible. At the end of her visit, she said the dentist was so much fun and she couldn't wait to come back! I am so very grateful and would recommend Dr. Byrnes to anyone!

Jessi D.

Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable!

Looking for the best dentist in town? Look no further than Dr. Drew Byrnes: professional, courteous, and knowledgeable! #FlossLikeaBoss

Michael P.

Dr. Byrnes was constantly concerned with my well being.

This doctor has magic hands. I have always felt pain while getting a Novocaine shot. Not this time. Dr. Byrnes was constantly concerned with my well being. I was 2 1/2 on the chair and even snoozed a couple of times. I would recommend this doctor to anyone.

Coco R.

I felt like I had known them for years!

First time at Dr. Byrnes Office, and they made me feel comfortable and at ease, I felt like I had known them for years! Definitely recommend to anyone! Very friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Drew was great, you can tell he has your BEST interest at heart!

Shelby D.

Really great!

Really great! We were leaving Sunday on a cruise. On Saturday before, an old cap fell out. Dr. Byrnes came in to his office that Saturday afternoon and secured the cap. We went on our cruise, the next day, worried free as a result of Dr. Byrnes kindness and expert care. Thank you Dr. Byrnes.

John H.

I had a 5 star experience!

Went to see Dr. Byrnes today for the first time. I have severe Dental Anxiety and he did everything he could to make me comfortable. I'm so pleased with the choice to see him, the staff is beyond amazing! I recommend the office to anyone who is looking for a dentist to listen to you and make you feel at ease. I'm planning on bringing my whole family to see him. I had a 5 star experience!! Thanks, Dr. Byrnes.

Jenn M.

It’s so refreshing to know that dentists like Dr. Byrnes still exist.

With so many horror stories circulating in the news about dentists taking advantage of patients, it's so refreshing to know that dentists like Dr. Byrnes still exist.

Dr. Byrnes truly exemplifies the meaning of a community and family dentist. Dr. Byrnes grew up in Central Florida and still has many connections in the area. His office is conveniently and centrally located in Winter Park, only a short drive from my home and office. Coincidentally, many of my friends and colleagues also see Dr. Byrnes as well.

Dr. Byrnes is talented (...and educated! Go Gators!), but also demonstrates excellent "bedside" manners and professionalism. He treats each and every one of his patients with only the utmost respect and dignity.

A trip to the dentist can be scary, but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, Dr. Drew Byrnes ensures the opposite is true. I highly recommend Dr. Drew Byrnes for any and all dental care. You won't be disappointed.

Kim D.

I have never had such a wonderful experience at a dentist office.

Dr. Byrnes is a fantastic dentist with a gentle hand. I have never had such a wonderful experience at a dentist office.

I was informed of what to expect as he looked around and examined my teeth. He went over my x-rays with me and made sure to be careful around a few spots that were causing me discomfort.

My teenagers were even excited to get a cleaning from his hygienists! It was such a calm and relaxing experience for them and I am so grateful.

For the first time ever, there is not an argument over going to the dentist!

This office gets 5 stars from me, that's for sure!

Amy H.

Dr. Byrnes was the answer.

I was searching for a new dentist and Dr. Byrnes came highly recommend by friends.

My last dentist told me that I was going to need a crown and Dr. Byrnes was able to do a filling instead. He saved me a lot of money. And I was very impressed because I didn't feel a thing when he got me numb! In fact I didn't feel any pain the whole time. He is just the best.

It was clear from my first visit that he was the type of dentist who really cares about his patients. I had been to places where they didn't know my name and treated me like a number. I was looking for someone who really cares and Dr. Byrnes was the answer. He doesn't recommend dental work unless it really needs to be done. He tells it like it is. He is younger that my last dentist but it is clear that he is well educated and up to date with the latest dentistry has to offer.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist.

Andy B.

The entire staff treated me as though I were a VIP patient…

Dr Byrnes and his team truly create a warm and safe environment for their patients. From the first call to confirm my first appointment to the personal call from Dr Byrnes after getting my filling (yes he called me the evening after my filling to see how I was doing and recap all we discussed), the entire staff treated me as though I were a VIP patient, though they just met me. Truly gold standard customer service.

Truth be told, I hadn't been to a dentist is 4 years because I have a sensitive spot on my lower gum line. Previously dentists and hygienists would plow through with the 'hook of death', creating the worst 30 -45 minutes of my 1/2 year. And while I would jump through the roof with pain, I would be chastised for not flossing enough. I desperately knew how badly I needed to get to the dentist but was terrified of that pain. But, throughout my cleaning, I never felt a moment of pain. I also did have a cavity filled, and dr Drew took extra time and attention to ensure that the novacane was injected slowly and allowed enough time for it to set in. Again, not a moment of discomfort.

If you live anywhere near the orlando metropolis area and are looming for a dentist or are dissatisfied with your current dentist, please call his practice and give them a try. I can almost guarantee you will be blown away with your experience.

Tim B.

Kind, caring dentist with an exceptional staff!

Dr. Drew came highly recommended so I expected him to be a good dentist...he totally is. What I didn't expect was that he would be such a good person. What a kind, caring dentist with an exceptional staff!

Mary C.

The entire process was painless.

Dr. Drew Byrnes: Thank you for a warm welcome. Your girls are fantastic. The entire process was painless, which was extraordinary. As a kid, I always remembered the horrors of visiting the dentist, but not anymore. Your team has got the right touch. Thanks for your service Drew.

Nelson C.

Fantastic staff, conservative pricing.

Fantastic staff, conservative pricing (I don't' have dental insurance) and a warm atmosphere make this the best dentist's office I've ever been to. If anyone needs an exceptional dentist, please use Dr. Drew Byrnes in Winter Park. I got a second opinion from him- switching to his office will save me hundreds of dollars and I'll probably end up avoiding stressful and unnecessary dental work.

Stephanie W.

I never felt any pain.

Dr. "Drew" Byrnes filled two of my teeth yesterday in order to repair a cracked tooth and broken filling on the molar beside the fractured tooth. He has a very positive attitude and set me at ease right away. He is considerate and thoughtful. He was professionally dressed (in a tie) and impressed me from start with his on-going discussions with me about the options I had for addressing my problems. He provided pros & cons of each as well as good feedback on what the cost would be for each option as well as the expected durability. He is very skilled in painless dentistry and I never felt any pain. He was diligent in making sure everything he did was just right. He listened closely to everything I said and answered all of my questions simply and directly. I have had many dentists over the years, but Dr. "Drew" Byrnes is one of the best. I highly recommend him.


Highly recommend them!

I have major dentist anxiety, and they made me feel so comfortable and staff was so nice! Highly recommend them!

Kendall L.

Awards don’t lie, truly the BEST dentist!

Awards don't lie, truly the BEST dentist! Dr. Drew Byrnes is a very talented and respectful dentist. From the moment I walked into the door until the moment I walked (and back the next day for a filling) I felt welcome and comfortable. Dr. Drew is not the type of dentist to just walk in and check your teeth once they have been cleaned. He talked with me for quite some time and he helped me understand every step we were about to take. I loved the explanations he gave about what he was doing and why during my new patient visit and the next day during my filling, it really made me feel comfortable and at ease in the chair. I would certainly recommend this dentist and have numerous times. Go see Dr. Drew. You won't be sad you did!

Kristen J.

He’s everything you want in a dentist.

I just moved into the Winter Park area and have been taking care of many moving fiascos that come along with settling down into a new home. Changing addresses with everything from the bank to the power companies is such an ordeal, heck it's like pulling teeth (hah pun intended)! But I must say when I went to switch over dentists, it was a breeze. Dr. Drew's Dentistry had my dental history and scans switched over from my previous dentist with minimal effort on my end which was greatly appreciated and saved me the hassle and money of getting new ones! The convenience of the location was what drew me in at first but the polite staff, warm atmosphere, and great price were definitely a plus. I'm highly critical of dentists and had plenty of experience with them as a child. I've had over ten fillings, two crowns, and pretty much every tooth op you can get, short of a root canal, so trust me when I say Dr. Drew has skills. He's everything you want in a dentist, I'd definitely stop in for a cleaning next time you stroll down park ave.

Taylor Y.

The procedure was quick and painless.

Not long after moving to the area for work, I accidentally chipped my front tooth. Being new to the area I was unsure of where or who to go to, and the last thing I wanted was to make bad impressions at my new job. Needless to say I was quite flustered coming in to see Dr. Drew but he and his team immediately put me at ease. The procedure was quick and painless and afterwards I couldn't even remember which tooth had been chipped.

Dr. Drew has a great way of making you smile and feeling confident, both through his expert knowledge and shining charisma.

Melnard R.

Finally found a dentist we trust!

We Have been living in FL for 4 years. Searching for a dentist has been a long road of frustration with battle after battle of being scammed and feeling disrespected. Then...we found Dr. Drew..and our struggle is finally over! Praise God! Dr. Drew is highly skilled, genuine, and patient. Dr. Drew and his WONDERFUL staff take the time to explain everything in detail and are upfront and professional. You will not find a hint of shady business going on here...As my husband and I have experienced time and time again here in FL. It is apparent that Dr. Drew loves the work he does and has a passion for encouraging his patients to put a high value on their dental health.

Christine F.

My favorite part of this process was convenience.

I was looking to switch dentists as my previous one was far away from my house.

I ran across Dr. Byrnes on a friend's recommendation. The office is close and convenient to my work, so I decided to give him a try. I am really glad that I did.

I needed to have a cleaning but decided to do x-rays as well since I had taken a fall earlier in the year and wanted to make sure there was no damage to my teeth. Dr. Byrnes was able to do both and in a timely manner.

I felt better than I have in awhile coming out of the dentist's office. My teeth had been thoroughly cleaned and I made a follow up appointment to speak about getting invisalign.

My favorite part of this process was convenience. My former dentist did not offer anything but the general cleaning and I was needing more than that.

The staff was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend giving Dr. Byrnes a try for all of your dental needs.

Kara S.

He and his staff are patient and detailed.

I am so glad I found a dentist as knowledgeable and trustworthy as Dr. Byrnes! He and his staff are patient and detailed; a major comfort after recently moving to a new town.

Alyssa H.
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